I have been writing for most of my life. Probably mostly nonsense, but nevertheless, I wrote. Words on paper, sometimes it's all you've got.

I'm not a poet, but what about those short verses? Where do they come from?

I love stories, and I love movies. My prose is mostly in the form of stories, but one day I'll write a screenplay.

Then there are the songs. I attempted a rock career. It only got off to a rocky start. The good part is perhaps also the bad part: the songs are preserved on tape for eternity (which in the case of tape doesn't seem to last all that long). I fondly remember the solitary late night recordings, playing all instruments myself without knowing how, and the enthusiastic and hopeful rehearsal sessions with a partially recovering alcoholic backup band in church attics, river boats, and abandoned greenhouses. There were even some live concerts (does 2 count as 'some?'). Some hundred songs remain. Maybe one day I'll turn them into streaming audio, but don't hold your breath.