The Alien Resident

(oder ein racistischer katze)

by Silvio Kraljevic & Uno Hoo

Once upon a weekday Zombie the house cat was meditating.

Suddenly she felt compelled to sing.

Her friend Leroy heard her and said...

"Isn't that tune a big hit with those aliens from Mausland?"

"I just hum the words," said Zombie. "Mauslandish is a stupid language."

"Yes," Leroy agreed, "but the beat goes more like this..."

Suddenly a Mauslander emerged, and quite annoyed it was

"Please," it said with a heavy accent."You cats keep me awake."

"Sorry," said Leroy. "My name is Leroy, and I think you're cute!"

" Zombie! Don't be a sour puss. Opposites attract. You like their music, don't you?"


(Entschuldigen, bitte. Es tut mir leit, aber mein Deutsch ist nicht besser.)

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