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Reviewing Chinese Food

(Honolulu Magazine)

 The story takes place on the island of Yap (Pacifica, Continental Airlines/Air Micronesia inflight magazine)

It's about wine

(Honolulu Magazine)

Developers and local folks clash over issues of "progress"

(Honolulu Magazine)

Prostitution in Waikiki

(Honolulu Magazine)

2 Illustrations about inter-island travel by the journalists of Honolulu Magazine

(Honolulu Magazine)

 Now that kloning humans has become an issue,... wasn't God kloning us after his image?

(Honolulu Magazine)

 "Meals for under $15"

(Honolulu Magazine)

 "Plantation Lady"

(Honolulu Magazine)


(Honolulu Magazine)

 "Same Sex Marriage"

(Honolulu Magazine)

Cover illustration (Dallas Observer)

(Pacifica Inflight Magazine)

"Wound Up in Traffic" (Honolulu Weekly)

"Benefits Office" (Honolulu Magazine)

"Letter to My Dentist" (Honolulu Magazine)

Cover for Island Business magazine

"Home Brewers" (Pacifica Inflight Magazine)

"Samurai Business" (SAFE Magazine)

"Comfort Woman" (Honolulu Magazine)

Cover Investor Magazine, HI


"Nigtclub" & "Drunk Driving"

(Honolulu Magazine)


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